Just a big tease…

I’m so happy that I have taken some time beyond the meetings I attended to do some limited exploring of the Bay Area.  It will take me a while to digest all that I’ve seen and to muse on the wonderful people I’ve met.  So until I do that here’s a wee wee bit of what I’ve seen so far.  I know, I’m just a big tease…there will be more in future posts, but for now I’m off for my last day of adventure!

Display at Berkeley's The Gardener shop
Euphorbia blooming in an IGA parking lot
The rainy hills in wine country

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  1. Susan,
    Glad that you are having an enjoyable time in California, because we here in the rainy north bay are enjoying your company.

    I posted a bunch of photos taken at Bardenssono (?spelling) during out visit yesterday.
    Still fondly remembering the warmth of the toilet seat and all the other butt swishing options.


  2. So cool to have met my virtual garden co-horts.

    Enjoyed our day, Susan and Michelle, and the fab toilets more than made up for the relentless rain!!

  3. Seems to have been memorable trip in more ways than one!

    Best Wishes


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