Not to belabor the point but sometimes the stars align. I’m working on an expansive landscape master plan and just presented the concept to my clients.  In that plan is a pool with twin covered  structures at one end of the enclosure. One will house an open air yet covered outdoor kitchen and the other will be a small poolhouse with a bathroom, shower and dressing room.


I would have never thought to suggest this as part of my purvue prior to attending KBIS. I have my interior design sisterhood to collaborate with on the details and some beautiful features to include that I would never have known about had I not gone to Las Vegas. On the kitchen side, there were some beautiful options as well.

So let’s talk toilets.  Wouldn’t it be nice to come in from a swim and sit on a heated seat? And wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about constantly cleaning it? The small space allotted for the WC in the poolhouse will also benefit from a wall hung unit.  As a guest of TOTO, I learned that all of this is possible. I won’t be doing the technical design in the space, but I will be asking that their products be specified. Why? Because they are super high qualtity, elegant, and innovative. That’s a no brainer.

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