Ladies’ Choice

I don’t usually post the same things here as I do on my Facebook fan page and Twitter. Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak at a symposium sponsored by the local and exceptional arboretum-Frelinghuysen.  I am also not an easily agitated public speaker, but I was the lone designer in the company of  two other women, both of whom are experts in their respective fields-a nursery woman and a garden writer. It was to a sold out crowd of avid home gardeners, nursery people and other designers.  I don’t know why this gave me pause.  I have in my career spoken to large crowds on big stages about lots of things with narry a thought.

Anyway, we were each given a set 20+ of statements such as:  Childhood Favorites, My Kind of Red or My BFF-Foliage that were to form our presentations. The three of us had very, very different points of view.

Heidi Hesselin, who along with her husband Richard own Pleasant Run Nursery, spoke eloquently about plants.  She is one of the most knowledgeable plants people I know and I have been buying from her incredible wholesale nursery for many years.  If I have a question about a specific plant, Heidi is one of the few people I call for an accurate answer.  Valerie Sudol has been the garden columnist- penning the Garden Diary for New Jersey’s largest newspaper, The Star Ledger, for years.  Her presentation was also very plant focused.   My presentation was different since I came at it from a designer’s point of view.  I tried to include as much design information within the context of the questions as possible.

I went first and the visuals from my presentation are below.  Except for the plant list, I told stories about each image.

Overall the day was a success–with one exception…I was in a darkened auditorium when for the first time in months it was sunny and 60 outside and would have rather been in my garden!

One thought on “Ladies’ Choice

  1. Susan,

    I enjoyed looking through your presentation – just wish I could have been in the audience to hear your narration. I just planted a fringetree in my garden last fall and hope it will one day be as breathtaking as the one in your presentation.

    I loved that you included dandelions as a childhood favorite flower. Isn’t it sad that so many people look at them as weeds to be banished from the lawn now?

    All of the plants included in Childhood Favorites make me smile to this day.

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