Land Speak

At a client’s holiday party at their farm, I met one of their neighbors. She asked me how I knew the host and hostess. When I told her that I was their landscape designer, she complemented me by saying how much she liked what I had done and asked if I would come and look at her place. This type of thing happens at a parties.

In further conversation, the subject came up about where I lived and worked. When I told her, she looked surprised and asked, “That’s so suburban, how did you know what to do with this property?” My answer was, “I love the land. I listen to what my clients say, but I also listen to the land, it has stories to tell.” She smiled and said, “I do too, I love my land. When I lived in the town next to yours for 20 years or so, I hated it, I couldn’t see the sky.” We made a date to meet in February.

Here are some photos of the ongoing project from the story above.

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3 thoughts on “Land Speak

  1. Wow! Really stunning landscaping. I like all the layers, textures and colors you created.

  2. Love the last photo. That yellow flowered plant looks for all the world like a yellow Baptisia. But it’s blooming so late (at least late for NC where I am). What is it?

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