Landscape Design Project in Progress

I like working as part of a large team when I am brought in at the beginning, rather than the end of a project as so often happens.  Collaboration with architects, other designers and clients can be fun and rewarding creatively. What I don’t like is the turf wars that can happen when the project is being built.  Uncommunicated changes that seem insignificant to one contractor can be an essential piece of the puzzle to another and are easily lost.

The most important thing that is lost is time.  That is the case on the project pictured in progress below.  We had hoped to finish this before the holidays but since landscape installs last…well we’re now slogging in deep, deep mud.  This is a large project that includes a pool, new pool house, spa, pergola, garden areas as well as new steps up the steep hill to the house and an extensive dry stream and subterranean drainage system.   I was involved in the design and placement of all of the landscape elements except the pool.

The Garden and Woodland Concept

The overall concept for the garden and woodland areas.  This board was created using the online mood board generator Olioboard.

The original patio plan

The original design for the pergola had planter bases.  Those were eliminated to trim costs and the patio was made smaller.  Hence the design of the pergola had to be modified.

The modified pergola with completed pool house and spa

This is an expansive entertaining space for an active family.  We did not lay the patio or build the pergola–that was the domain of the building contractor.  A separate pool contractor was responsible for the pool.

View through the pergola to new steps on hill and boulder wall in progress

The mud is clearly visible and ankle deep.  The drainage system hasn’t been connected yet and will eventually solve that problem.

Recycled granite curb steps now make the hill easier to traverse

The boulder wall will be completed this week and we will start on a low dry stacked garden wall that will help to satisfy the town’s setback rules for the poolhouse.  Once that’s done we’ll begin the drystream and in early spring connect all of the drainage systems to culminate there when there is overflow which is typical on this very wet property.  More as the progress happens!

4 thoughts on “Landscape Design Project in Progress

  1. I know what you mean by turf wars/time lost. Looks like a very satisfying project though despite the headaches.

  2. The headaches of every project are usually worth it in the end. Thanks for taking the time to visit!

  3. That’s always the way…backyard, underground or hidden. The things that make a design function are often unseen.

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