Late Winter Plants in glorious bloom!

Earlier this week I walked around The New York Botanical Gardens with landscape designer Naomi Brooks of Verdant Landscapes.  The two of us were like kids released into the sunshine after a day too long in school.  Our walk was stop and go as we oooh’d and ahhh’d and took photos of plants in bloom.

Here’s what made me stop and think that I really need to pay more attention to the late winter garden.  I think I’ll challenge myself to make one when I finally settle on a new house.

Prunus mume 'Matsurabara Red'
The lovely native Hamamelis vernalis
Wild and wonderful Edgeworthia chrysantha
Helleborus x ericsmithii 'HGC Silvermoon' holds its blooms up!
Hamamelis x intermedia 'Primavera' was one of many varieties blooming
My favorite viburnum...V. bodnantense 'Dawn'
We all know how much I love Mahonia bealei...

Just a note…The botantical gardens are probably a full zone warmer than my 6B, but in a regular winter many of these are blooming here too.  There, though, the Jasminum nudiflorum (Winter Jasmine) and many of the winter Camellias were already largely bloomed out.



5 thoughts on “Late Winter Plants in glorious bloom!

  1. Thank you for this excellent blog post Susan! Mahonia is a real favorite of mine too–that fragrance! Unreal. The garden that most of these plants are in, the Ladies’ Border is actually even another full zone warmer than you are. Due to it’s location, the sheltering hill to its south and the Conservatory on the north side of it, many of the plants we plant there are actually hardy to about Zone 7. The Garden’s horticulture staff really loves this garden and they go a little crazy experimenting with plants there. This year was really quite exceptional in the variety that we’re seeing bloom.

  2. Hello thanks for very very beautiful blog .
    Please do you know where is it possible to buy a small tree of Prunus mume ‘Matsurabara Red’ ?
    many thanks

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