Leaf…a back story

First I want to thank everyone– so many of you have read Leaf Magazine since its launch on Monday.  I thought it might be interesting to give you a wee bit of the back story….

We have a completely virtual office and all of our work is done collaboratively online.  In fact, we’re so far flung around the place that I’ve never met several of the people we’re working with face to face.   That makes Leaf pretty green too…except for the laptop energy we consume and there has been lots of that.

The first feature to be completed for the magazine…Yarn Bombs.  I wrote it when I was in Seattle in July.

Why the name?  It’s a quadruple entendre…leaf as in foliage, leaf as in what you do when you read a magazine, leaf as in a page, and leaf as in turning over a new one.

If you haven’t yet read it…click here to try it.


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