Leaf…a sneak peek at the cover

It’s finally here.  All of the hard work, steep learning curve and sleepless nights will culminate the launch of the preview issue of Leaf Magazine on Monday at 3 pm ET.

Because I can, as one of the founders and editors of the mag, I’ll give you a preview.  The cover below is a garden designed by Topher Delaney and photographed by Saxon Holt.

Inside the magazine you’ll find an eclectic mix of all things related to design outside from gardens, to furniture, to art installations, videos,  and even fashion.  If you’re not a subscriber yet, it’s not too late, click here or pick up the links on Monday at 3 pm ET on our Facebook page or Twitter account @leafmag.  Speaking of Twitter…if you want to share ideas and comments with us and generally celebrate our launch, we’re having a Twitter launch party the same day at #leaflaunch at 6 pm ET.  Hope to see you there!

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  1. This is gorgeous publication. I may be slightly biased towards the cocktail section though. Cheers and best of luck with the new magazine!


  2. Susan aka Miss. R

    Thanks so much! It’s been a long and winding road to the 1st issue. Happy you like it.

  3. Susan aka Miss. R

    Thanks Warren. Love the Rumble!

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