Luxury Pizza Oven: Wood Stone Ovens

Last night I was invited to a dinner cooked entirely in a Wood Stone Oven.  A relatively new addition to the myriad of luxury products available for outdoor kitchens,  Wood Stone has adapted its commercial product–California Pizza Kitchen uses their ovens–for outdoor home use.

On the patio...

The food was delicious and the product was impressive.  These ovens can be wood fired, gas fired or a combination of both.  They heat consistently because they are a single ceramic unit–a problem I have had when trying to cook in a kit built oven.  I like to cook as well as garden and eat and I’m picky about my tools for both!

Lamb Chops

As much as I would love to have one of these, it’s not in my budget this year. I do have a client in mind who I think will absolutely flip for it.


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5 Responses to Luxury Pizza Oven: Wood Stone Ovens

  1. commonweeder says:

    It is beautiful, but I won’t get one either. My British cousin hand makes a garden oven (the GArden Oven Company) but it is on a very different, but charming, scale.

  2. Tamra Nelson says:

    Hello Susan,

    We loved reading your post this morning at Wood Stone – thank you for sharing your experience! I did want to tell you that we do have a website that is focused on our “home ovens” – it’s as I noticed that your link above goes to the commercial site. It has wonderful recipes and all of the support information that you would need for home installation. Thank you again for your blog post and we are thrilled that you enjoyed the event!

    Tamra Nelson, Wood Stone

  3. Susan aka Miss. R says:

    Thanks, Tamra…I changed the link! It’s a wonderful product and I enjoyed the evening!

  4. Susan aka Miss. R says:

    I’ll definately check them out. I’m all about cooking right now!

  5. colin says:

    Great oven,, and the chops look yummy!!

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