Macato Murayama’s Technical Flower Drawings

I usually don’t get excited by flower art, but these digital works called ‘Inorganic Flora’  by Japanese artist,  Macato Murayama,  just blew me away.

Murayama combines several types of digital technology and has been experimenting with flowers for a few years.  He uses Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator with 3D modeling and who knows what else to create these ethereal and magical images.  If you’re in Singapore this week they will be on view at Art Stage Singapore at the Frantic Gallery’s booth D1-06.

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3 Responses to Macato Murayama’s Technical Flower Drawings

  1. James Golden says:

    Beautiful, in a way, but, strangely, the creep me out, in a “The Matrix” way.

  2. commonweeder says:

    fascinating photos. They reminded me a little bit of the Blakscha glass flowers at Harvard. Especially the details.

  3. Kaveh says:

    Those are just wonderful.

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