March Magazine Madness

March has been particularly good to me and I’m tooting my own horn here.  As a hard core magazine lover, I’m thrilled to be featured in three this month!  This type of press coverage is not a common occurrence around the studio and it couldn’t come at a better time…early spring.  I’m so fortunate to have great clients with great projects who trust me with their property and their dreams.  Bring on Spring!

First, NY Spaces not only mentioned my garden on their cover, but a beautiful editorial was inside…

New York Spaces February March 2011 March Magazine Madness

On the cover and inside!

Ny Spaces article 3 11 001 231x300 March Magazine Madness

A Potager

Then, at a dinner party, the hostess showed me a more local publication….love being included as a ‘Great Garden’

Millburn Short Hills Magazine 230x300 March Magazine Madness

Great Gardens!

Millburn Short Hills Mag Article 1 001 229x300 March Magazine Madness

A nice local plug...

And of course…Horticulture, where I write the east coast half of Design Perspectives.

Horticulture April 2011 218x300 March Magazine Madness

Suburban Solutions

You can click and enlarge to read any of the articles here.

Horticulture Mar 2011 pg 1 001 edited 1 216x300 March Magazine Madness

Design Perspectives

Horticulture Mar 2011 pg 2 001 214x300 March Magazine Madness

A monthly column by Rebecca Sweet and I

horticulture mar 2011 pg 3 001 213x300 March Magazine Madness

Two designers on a single topic...

If this embaressment of riches wasn’t enough, one of my favorite blogs, Paradis Express gave Miss R a shout out.  It’s going to be a great season.

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14 Responses to March Magazine Madness

  1. Susan, Congratulations! On this rainy, gloomy morning here in CT, I can imagine a bright ray of sun shining on you right now.

  2. James Golden says:

    Susan, What a wonderful spring gift to receive. Public reward and recognition for you good work. Congratulations.

  3. Kudos Susan! What a fun way to start the growing season.

  4. David C. says:

    Cool-o-rama! I need to post the few good results of my not saying “no” some time…still working on that.

    The article on transient suburban homeowners is so true here in Abq to El Paso, but try 2-5 years. Another challenge is our total lack of specimen plant materials to give impact where there is a decent budget! Guess I need to somehow get more time and start that business, too…

  5. Congratulations! Well deserved acknowledgements of your work!

  6. Denise says:

    Congratulations to you, obviously a great deal of hard work coming to fruition :)
    You deserve to blow your own trumpet

  7. Susan, fantastic! You deserve all of the good that comes your way. Your
    a hard worker and it shows!

  8. Michelle D. says:

    good things come to those who put in the blood sweat and tears.

  9. I was doing a post on my garden inspiration and seed sowing and the NY Spaces photo is how I found you and your blog.

    Just a wonderful space- my goal!

  10. Susan aka Miss. R says:

    Usually I respond to each and every comment, but today, they would all say the same thing…THANK YOU! Thank you for reading, for your support, for your ideas and most of all your comments. I really do appreciate them.–s

  11. Fantastic Susan! Love, luck and new wisdom come in threes right? But, in your case you already have all of those in spades. :-)

  12. !!!!!!!!!!!! What a month! Muchas felicidades!

  13. Well done Susan!
    Very well deserved.

  14. Jayme says:

    Toot away Susan, you deserve it! AND your garden is full of gorgeousness dawling.

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