Marimekko, outdoor fabric please?

If there were ever fabric prints suited for outdoor use they would be Marimekko. When their new store opened on Fifth Avenue in NYC in October I was thrilled.

The Flatiron neighborhood shop

I finally visited in early December and my first taste of what I hoped would come was outide in the adjacent square– the umbrellas in the classic Unikko pattern over cafe tables and chairs. Out came my camera phone to snap the Fatboy brand tag to explore later.  I was in a hurry to get inside!

Fatboy Marimekko Market umbrella

On first glance, this was a treasure trove of possibilities.  Bold, happy, iconic prints.  Surely they had some for garden use!

Inside the Marimekko store

My dreams of boldly colored outdoor pillows and objects were dashed.  There was a very, very small selection of coated fabrics for use as table cloths.  That’s it.

Choices for coated tablecloths

They weren’t UV stabilized and it was suggested to me by a salesperson that these be taken inside after use.  Now, come on.  These prints are but a small sampling of what Marimekko does so well and exactly what we need for our gardens, decks and patios!  Pretty please, Marimekko…make some outdoor fabrics.

Photo credit:  Store exterior and interior overview all others, the author.




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2 thoughts on “Marimekko, outdoor fabric please?

  1. Okay I hear your desire for outdoor fabrics and understand your disappointment. But!!!! But you can shop all of those other fabulous fabrics…I am insanely jealous. Marimekko rules.

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