Chicken Wire Rabbit by Chris Mossart

Garden Materials: Chicken Wire

I’m in the process of organizing things a bit differently here. So you’ll see new titles like ‘Materials’ and ‘Garden Design Details’ used more often. There’s also a new email subscription form in the sidebar…I’ve never had one of those before. So use it if you’re so inclined. Now on the subject at hand…chicken wire.

Chicken Wire Rabbit by Chris Mossart

Ever since I posted Chris Mossart’s work on the Leaf mag Facebook page, I’ve been slightly obsessed with chicken wire. I used to be a total DIYer–now less so–but a good pair of gloves, sharp wire cutters, a strong pair of needle nose pliers can go a long way to making some of these charming and useful chicken wire garden accessories. I can’t emphasize the need for gloves too strongly though. Chicken wire is galvanized steel and sharp. It is also very inexpensive…a fifty foot roll is about thirty dollars. It can be painted with a good exterior grade metal paint. I’m sure it could be powder-coated although I’ve never done it. As with anything, the quality of craftsmanship is what will keep chicken wire projects from being too rustic and looking too ‘loving hands at home’.

So here is some inspiration for projects that would be worth trying and can be ready by next spring!

For over the table…a chandelier. I love the addition of natural and found objects to this. A complete list of materials and instructions can be found here.

Garden Chandelier

In the potting shed…small plant storage and display cabinet. Complete instructions are available here.

DIY plant display shelf

On the table or in the garden…chicken wire cloche. These are painted black and were found on Andrea liebt herzen (Andrea Loves Hearts)

Chicken Wire Garden Cloche

And last but not least…just in the garden. A small tuteur or plant support via the French style blog resonances.

Chicken Wire Tuteur

Chicken wire can also make great peony supports, but that’s for another day. These examples plus more inspiration can be found on my Pinterest board Chicken Wire.

5 thoughts on “Garden Materials: Chicken Wire

  1. Robin– I think any of these would be super fun and not difficult to make. Not sure about making a dog though…;-)

  2. I love that rabbit. I would love to learn how to make something like that for my own garden. What great ideas you’ve shared for chicken wire. And you gotta love materials that are inexpensive and hold up out of doors. Thanks for the post!

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