Mid-Winter Garden Design Project

I started blogging soon after I started creating conceptual gardens.  I wanted a way to describe the process as it was happening.  That grew into something else entirely and now Miss R has a life of her own…

With that said, this winter I’m planning another conceptual garden, my first in a few years. I took a break and have said ‘no’ to two previous invitations during that time.  I wasn’t going to do this project at either and shouldn’t have even gone to see it because old houses have a pull on me like no other.  Glynallyn is a special place and part of local history.  It’s also currently owned by the bank and the show house is one huge staging effort.  Got a few spare millions?

MIM 2012 Glynallyn with arrow Mid Winter Garden Design Project

Glynallyn, built 1913-17 with arrow pointing to balcony

So now I’m going to create a very eccentric Raj inspired lounge with a greenwall and lots of color in an otherwise very drab space.  I want it to look like the original owner of the house just got back from a trip to India yet still be contemporary, young and fun.  Anyone interested in following along?

MIM 2012 before Mid Winter Garden Design Project

The balcony at Glynallyn

The balcony is in a sad state.  We plan to liven that up though!

Raj Mid Winter Garden Design Project

The inspiration for an outdoor lounge...

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6 Responses to Mid-Winter Garden Design Project

  1. Kaveh says:

    Woah. I look forward to seeing what you do in the space.

  2. When you say “conceptual gardens”, this means something more academic, or is it a paying project? I assumed the latter, since it sounds like it’s on the market. I have a few of the former I look forward to starting, once I begin my sabbatical…one a historic town streetscape, another an desert interpretive center, another a development :-)

  3. Susan aka Miss. R says:

    By conceptual I mean that there are no parameters. I can create whatever I want because it is largely temporary and not for a ‘client’ per se. My imagination and creativity can take me wherever it leads. Although sometimes there has been a small stipend, trade in kind or prize money, these gardens are usually unpaid affairs.

  4. Kallie says:

    I love old buildings! The photo is a bit creepy I must say, but I am sure you can make it more appealing!

  5. Susan aka Miss. R says:

    Might look creepy, but it’s really just neglected. Will look different in a few months.

  6. commonweeder says:

    I think it looks marvelously promising. What fun! I look forward to more.

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