Mid-Winter Garden Design Project

I started blogging soon after I started creating conceptual gardens.  I wanted a way to describe the process as it was happening.  That grew into something else entirely and now Miss R has a life of her own…

With that said, this winter I’m planning another conceptual garden, my first in a few years. I took a break and have said ‘no’ to two previous invitations during that time.  I wasn’t going to do this project at either and shouldn’t have even gone to see it because old houses have a pull on me like no other.  Glynallyn is a special place and part of local history.  It’s also currently owned by the bank and the show house is one huge staging effort.  Got a few spare millions?

Glynallyn, built 1913-17 with arrow pointing to balcony

So now I’m going to create a very eccentric Raj inspired lounge with a greenwall and lots of color in an otherwise very drab space.  I want it to look like the original owner of the house just got back from a trip to India yet still be contemporary, young and fun.  Anyone interested in following along?

The balcony at Glynallyn

The balcony is in a sad state.  We plan to liven that up though!

The inspiration for an outdoor lounge...

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6 thoughts on “Mid-Winter Garden Design Project

  1. When you say “conceptual gardens”, this means something more academic, or is it a paying project? I assumed the latter, since it sounds like it’s on the market. I have a few of the former I look forward to starting, once I begin my sabbatical…one a historic town streetscape, another an desert interpretive center, another a development 🙂

  2. By conceptual I mean that there are no parameters. I can create whatever I want because it is largely temporary and not for a ‘client’ per se. My imagination and creativity can take me wherever it leads. Although sometimes there has been a small stipend, trade in kind or prize money, these gardens are usually unpaid affairs.

  3. Might look creepy, but it’s really just neglected. Will look different in a few months.

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