Mobile Gardens

With the fall planting season in full swing here, I thought I’d share this uber-cool idea from Dutch based Italian industrial designer Gionata Gatto.  Called Urban Buds, the project should still be on view at Sotheby’s in London where it’s been on display and working since May.  Each movable, self contained garden unit has wheels and can be planted up in a very limited space making it perfect for courtyards, balconies or even a back alley.

Here are the original sketches (click to enlarge) via his studio website

And here’s two actual mobile gardens.  I think they’re great…I might even take up vegetable gardening again.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Gardens

  1. Nice idea!

    Great solution for urban garden spaces that tend to be small.

    Could be a solution for condo dwellers wanting to grow a few veggies.

    I wonder how the cart would stand up to gusty winds found in high rises?

    I’m sure it would be fine–the soil and plants would weigh it down as much as any planter.–s

  2. What a wonderful idea! Not just great for those who lack space but also for people who lack enough hours of sun in one spot — just move the cart. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    Would also be good for wheelchair bound gardeners. So many good uses really.–s

  3. I may have to resort to this. My raised garden bed, built eight years ago is now partially in shade because the trees nearby weren’t so big eight years ago. Having “raised bed on wheels” isn’t out of the realm of possibility!

    Not your wee Villandry???? NOOOOO. –s

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