Modular Trellis

I’m working on a project that needs some narrow wall trellis and nothing that’s available locally fits the bill.   I regularly shop the market both–brick and mortar and virtual–as part of my job as a landscape designer.  Like a good architect or interior designer, I have to know what’s available JUST IN CASE…

This modular trellis system is a case it point–I’m glad I bookmarked it a while ago.  It’s so versatile that it would work in any style garden–except for maybe rustic… just by how the modules are hung.  Hang them in a vertical line (depending on which way you turn the squares) or in a geometric pattern.

FLORA 'Grow' modular wall trellis

The trellises squares are from FLORA and are one of a series of designs that are made of powder coated zinc plated steel. There are several other patterns.

Modular Trellis Units via FLORA

They’re meant to be able to stand on their own visually while the plants take their time.  Hmm…I might not even want to plant them at all…or I just might want to design my own.

Photo credits:  FLORA

5 thoughts on “Modular Trellis

  1. Hmmm. Very cool. I have a pyracantha outgrowing its current support that might just want to meet some of those. Must check to see about Canadian availability… and let us know if you do decide to design your own.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this trellis system, it looks both beautiful and practical. And glad to know that I’m not the only compulsive “just in case” widow shopper in the gardenng world. I have lists of lists of cool stuff that I (or somebody else) may use someday.

  3. Smith and Hawkens, may they rest in peace, had some wonderful DIY trellis systems…. (I’m glad that I didn’t just note them as a “just in case” purchase!)

    And that, is why I’ve decided to design my own!

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