Wet path in January

Monday 1 | A Year of Mondays Project

I have to put aside my gardener’s eye  to see beyond the tasks yet to be done.  I also have to keep in mind that this is going to end up being about the sum of all the parts as well as each individual image.  This morning was cold, wet and slippery on the narrow path through the garden.

Wet path in January
Monday 1

A description of my year long project is here.

5 thoughts on “Monday 1 | A Year of Mondays Project

  1. You are going to think I’m cracked, but I LOVE photos of rocks/stones/leaves. My eye would be drawn to similar material as well. Do you use gravel as part of your mulch material? The path?

    Stephanie–This particular garden used to be a deer path filled with wild raspberries, milkweed, multiflora roses and wild onions. I’ve never gotten complete control of the weeds so, yes, the gravel helps as weed suppressing mulch between the stepping stones. I was thrilled to see this when I looked down btw…you’re not cracked.

  2. It’s nice to see those little green whatever-they-ares coming up against the rocks. Amazing to behold green plant alive in January in our climate. Tough or what? Perhaps these are the plants that develop “snow roots?

    Good to see a little spot of pretty in our sorta dreary winter.

    Sarah–You are so right, they are welcome in January, not so much in April. It’s either young Bittercress or Sheep Sorrel. But green now makes me happy.

  3. Lovely pause and still-life. Enjoying the notion of how temporary and random the “collection” is in the photo moment… how this arrangement will change sometime soon by some force – by your step, wind, beat of rain.

    Lovely “momentary distraction” as S & R Kaplan might say…

    Happy Monday 1, Susan and thank you.

    Annie–An hour later the sun came out and this was changed. There is much joy to be found in the moment.

  4. I honestly did think oriental the moment I saw it and then remembered how significant the edos are for you. It seems to me Japanese, like a perfectly composed picture each element of which will have a significant message. Love the shiney chips of gravel on the state, but I love any polished looking stone!


    That wasn’t a conscious idea when I shot the picture, but it was the first thing I thought when I uploaded it also.

  5. What a terrific idea to take that small plot and reveal it as it is revealed to you throughout an entire year. It is amazing how breathtakingly beautiful a few square inches can be at times. I loved your photo.

    Thanks, Steve. It will be interesting to watch the year unfold.

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