4 thoughts on “Monday 15 | A Year of Mondays Project

  1. Thank you, thank you, Susan, for having a lush, slightly blowsy, a-client-wouldn’t-want-this kind of garden… even if only a patch of it. It allows the rest of us (well, me), to feel a lot less garden shame. On which a whole blog could and should be written.

    I think our viewpoints a skewed by ‘moment in time’ photos of perfect gardens…have no shame!

  2. Anne Wareham made a comment about spring being the best (only?) time of year for this sort of messiness … she was commenting on a photo of MY spring garden. LOL!

    Consider the source and her garden! LOL!

  3. This garden is not messy!

    I could show you mine, but I am not going to. Sometimes I don’t go out there for weeks. There’s no time!

    To me your garden just says: ‘Relaxez vous’!

    Best Wishes

    Obviously our gardens get the same level of care!

  4. Some of my clients would love this, especially the ones that want to do native plants, compost, rain barrels and permeable pavers. I always love working on these gardens. One of my clients calls her Chicago backyard her farm

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