Monday 18 | A Year of Mondays

It’s dreary again this morning as it has been on so many of these Mondays.  My house is being painted and the garden is a big mess from that as well as neglect–my time is stretched to the limits in May.  Lush has turned to jungle and this photograph would not have happened if I had tidied up.

No. 18

4 thoughts on “Monday 18 | A Year of Mondays

  1. The blue looks so much more important , clear and vibrant when contrasted so beautifully.

    I agree…I probably wouldn’t have thought of this combination of color on my own. Call it kismet!

  2. Accident? a lovely one!

    A total accident. The iris was labeled as white blooming to begin with and it decided to lie down in the sand cherry and sing the blues!

  3. Love the smokiness of these colours.
    Just go out to water myself at the moment. The cats ‘tend’ the garden, so all those GDRT bloggers who show their own patch put me to shame!

    As you can see, mine is highly cropped!

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