Monday 20 | A Year of Mondays

It seems incredible that there have been so many grey Mondays, but this morning it is yet again.  Yesterday’s thunderstorms and today’s soft mist have left almost everything soggy and weeping downward.  Bought on a whim years ago–this Thalictrum rochrunianum, standing up in it’s jewelry of droplets is the beauty of the garden this morning.  It’s a survivor of deer, drought,  and neglect –in bloom it is tall enough for me to see outside my kitchen window in good years.

No. 20

I am learning that each small detail in its own way is just as important as the big picture…and I am a big picture kind of person.  These Mondays are making me pause and see the significance of those details.

3 thoughts on “Monday 20 | A Year of Mondays

  1. Yes, some days are “raindrops on roses” days. I don’t grow thalictrum, unfortunately, but I love the way other leaves in my garden hold the droplets: aquilegia, dicentra, glaucous hostas and, the granddaddy of water-droplet-holding leaves, alchemilla.

    love the ‘raindrops on roses’…now if I was only as sunny as Maria!

  2. Love this: standing up in its jewelry of droplets is the beauty of the garden this morning

    Thank you for helping me start my Monday off with a dose of gratitude for all the garden goodness around us

    peace & love

    Thank you for the lovely words, Patty. Gratitude is sometimes hard for me to recognize…

  3. This wonderful plant is rarely seen in the nurseries in California.
    Don’t know why, because it does well here.
    Maybe it is because it is so delicate looking and we have a penchant for brutish huge overbearing foliage plants that would just eat up this delicate flower for breakfast.
    Oh rain… I think we finally have seen the end of the rain until September.
    Endless sunshine until autumn.
    Dry wheat colored hills are now the look. Gone is all the green grasses.
    Fire season will be here in a matter of minutes.

    Fire vs. humidity. Both bi-products of summer. We might have rain or not but we will sweat. I envy you your brutish plants BTW.

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