Monday 25 | A Year of Mondays

I went outside today expecting nothing.  The garden is in a state of profound neglect.  Heat, no appreciable rain, deer and the slowest painters on the face of the universe have had their effect.  What I found suprised me.

There are two small stands of this roadside phlox.  It was blooming  despite years of neglect when I first moved to this house 12 years ago.  When I built the garden I left it to honor the garden’s past.  It survives everything.  It made me smile.

No. 25

3 thoughts on “Monday 25 | A Year of Mondays

  1. good morning, friend! for whatever reason, the fact that this is the TWENTY-FIFTH monday post struck me the most…why must time fly so quickly? LOL ttys

    I know, next week the year is halfway through its cycle. Time seems to move faster the older I get…remember when summers seemed infinite in their perfection of play and no school?–s

  2. Benign neglect!
    Sometimes we need to be reminded that plants grow without our help in the wild!
    Thanks for the Vulgare tip by the way. Love it!

    I think you hit the nail on the head so to speak. I was so surprised because I had done nothing.–s

  3. Geez, I went outside to look at my benignly neglected garden and found…weeds! 😀

    Meh. Whaddya gonna do. Me, I’m gonna have a glass of wine and see the weeds as glorious expressions of life…though they don’t look as good as your roadside flox.

    You see how tight that shot is…the rest of the garden is a wild place!–s

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