Monday 26 | A Year of Mondays

Finally a cool summer morning after weeks of oppressive heat and humidity.  The slowest painter in the world should be finished this week and the most damage will be done to the garden–he left the foundation for last.  I am at the 1/2 way mark and I’m still not sure what this exercise is about.

Six months of images.  Six months of Mondays.  Six months of commitment. Unexpected forks in a path that I thought would be somewhat straight forward.  The close observation makes me want to tear it all out and start over.  The last 26 weeks (actually only 24 since one didn’t have a photo and the other was a photo taken in Buffalo).  I am giving up control here too since I’d rather have even rows of three and the last only has two…maybe that’s the lesson.

4 thoughts on “Monday 26 | A Year of Mondays

  1. What gorgeous images! Thanks for sharing them with us, Susan.

    Thank you Naomi! I’m finding the images to be more interesting than the garden is at this moment.–s

  2. Loving your “Mondays.”

    You have been one of the faithful since the very first post…your comments are always welcome!–s

  3. Your Mondays are filled with unending diversity! Celebrate it!

    Of course you are right, but sometimes it seems as if nothing and everything stays the same.–s

  4. What a wonderful montage/collage.!

    Judy–Thanks for visiting, so happy you enjoyed the photos. The project will continue for another 26 weeks. Hopefully the journey will reveal more surprises!–s

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