Monday 27 | A Year of Mondays

I never really know what I’m going to write about on these Mondays.  I always have the garden image first and then backtrack.  I wonder, why did that particular aspect of the garden attract me?  I try to be honest in my choice – both from an aesthetic viewpoint as well as being true to the discovery aspects of the project.

Now for the discovery part.  I’ve been foggy.  My brain full of cobwebs.  Mid-summer heat brings me a  lack of focus that lifts with the cooler weather.  So…on this foggy morning these spiderwebs were the moment.

No. 27

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  1. Very nice! They do look like little cloud drifts. I’m sure the spiders worked together to get that effect..;)

  2. We have noticed the spiders coming along at a slower pace this season. The banana spiders are always twice their size by now. Could it be the ravishing winter? Would not mind syncing a little of that cold weather with what we have now……it would be like living in Portland in July!!!

    I wanted to thank you for your comment last week. There will be no more whining from this platform!–s

  3. Lynne

    Love the cobwebby image! Amazing power in such tiny creatures that can form such delicate and intricate designs.

    Incredible that there were so many and that they were all similar.–s

  4. What a lovely Blog! Reminds me of when I visit my daughter on the west coast. I live on the prairies so we don’t get these lovely, misty, cobwebby images. I do best growing indoors.

    I’m sure you can grow outdoors. It just depends on what you’re growing.–s

  5. Looks like a little city developing. Even a highrise or two. Wonder if they fight over the latest catch at the restaurant, or respect each other’s property. I never read up on spider etiquette, maybe another reader knows if they are territorial or good neighbors.

    Actually, the first thought in my head was ‘condos’ next was ‘clouds’–spiders didn’t even register.–s

  6. I came home to find my yellow pansies bone dry and covered in these fine cobwebs. It seemed like laying insult to injury to see them like that.

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