Monday 29 | A Year of Mondays

Change.  Within a single day, the mature garden that was here has been cleaned up, rethought and redone.  Within my own gardens this is a fact of life.  Almost as soon as the end of the first season a garden in planted, I want to change it.  Sometimes the change is out of my control.  The wonderful leaning American hornbeam branch that anchors one end of the garden is dead.  It’s been in decline for years but I’ve left it since I liked it–it’s in danger of falling on the house…it has to come down.

No 29

Change is what I love about gardens…they are in constant flux.  I don’t want to know that this or that will be blooming in that particular corner on in that particular month.  I don’t want static. I want to experiment and be surprised.  I’ll take the good with the bad.  The great idea with the one that fails…it’s how I train my mind and eye.

4 thoughts on “Monday 29 | A Year of Mondays

  1. Susan, I like hearing that someone else prefers a garden in a constant state of flux to one that’s static. As much as I look forward to seeing some of my favorite perennials bloom in their designated spots, I think my love of change is why I continue to use reseeding annuals throughout the garden. Each season is a revelation that way, different from the year before.

    If I wanted the same thing year after year I wouldn’t garden at all!–s

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