3 thoughts on “Monday 3 | A Year of Mondays Project

  1. Inspired to write:

    //Can hear the crunch
    Through the steps of the eyes.
    The crackle exciting
    Spring lays inside.//

    Thank you and happy Monday Susan.

    Thank You! What a wonderful treat as a comment. You’re pretty fly RedBird

  2. Interesting how just a few subtle twists, tree trunks and overhangs create a little mystery and privacy.

    So our touches in some landscapes can be very light and achieve big effects.

    The leaning tree is a gem!

    Thanks for this


    The sad reality for this garden is that despite careful pruning and lots of TLC that tree is in complete decline. The garden was designed with that as its focal point. It frames the view from one end and IS the view from the other.

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