Monday 30 | A Year of Mondays

The days are getting shorter.  I’m going out into the garden later in the morning now.  The long season of decline has started, once accepted  all things become possible again.  In my garden I can say with ease, ‘I’ve made my mistakes and it’s time to accept them and move on.’

No. 30

If only the other areas of my life were so simple.

4 thoughts on “Monday 30 | A Year of Mondays

  1. Life is short,
    You embrace, enjoy and remember the good times.
    The not so good times can be left behind in the dust.

    Enjoy the journey, cuz it’s not about the final destination.

    I didn’t mean to sound negative. I was trying to say that it’s so much easier to let go in the garden than it is in life…you are spot on about the destination!–s

  2. But you have had success as well. And now it is time to celebrate those! Love the picture.

    I do celebrate the success. I was just wondering why it takes so long to let go sometimes….–s

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