Monday 31 | A Year of Mondays

The season of golden light has started.  Long and low I find it to be the most magical time of year.  Spring is a frenzy, fall is slower–more contemplative.  Trained by years of school starts, it is also a time of  possibility–what will I learn and where will it take me?

No. 31

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4 Responses to Monday 31 | A Year of Mondays

  1. Yes,

    Lovely contemplations – this is my favorite time of year

    Thank you. This has been a year for such things.–s

  2. jayteekay says:

    Although autumn is beautiful in its colours particularly, I love spring for that vibrancy and life after winter

    Spring is lovely, but in my line of work it’s frenetic and stressful. Autumn allows time to actually see what’s going on. Winter–well that depends on where you live!–s

  3. Cyndy says:

    I’m way too old to be looking for school supplies, but still I find myself shopping for new pencils and notebooks, and thinking about the season of gardening winding down – it is a golden time, I agree.

    One is never too old for school supplies! I love new pencils, and a new sketchbook is pretty much the thing!–s

  4. That’s how I always think about this time of year, too “the season of golden light”. I know it means fall is here, even when others scoff.

    Later when the rays are really long and golden I love to walk the native grasses early in the morning. It’s just magical.–s

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