Monday 39 | A Year of Mondays

Today it really feels like winter is settling in.  The wind is blowing, the last of the leaves swirling in the air and the sky above is grey.

No. 39

Color is more subtle now.  It will be another month before  it has reaches the high contrast of  midwinter.  Even though they are elegant in their neutrality, somehow the subtle tans and browns seem drab after the show of high summer and the blazing display of fall foliage.  Its another signal of change–one I would not notice if I wasn’t in the garden.

2 thoughts on “Monday 39 | A Year of Mondays

  1. On the topic of Garden Styles (kind of), I was fascinated by the story in the NYT Design Section yesterday about Constance Spry and arranging styles. Especially since I have a distant connection to Constance Spry.

    The new book is on a lot of interior designer’s must have list…–s

  2. There was sleet/slush/snow on the ground this morning, for the first time. Thought of these Monday posts.

    It’s kind of weird to think about everything coming full circle.–s

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