Monday 40 | A Year of Mondays

The view from my studio is totally red…but this is about the garden.  Every year in mid-November this street tree, an Acer rubrum, puts on the most reliable and spectacular show.   It is only marginally visible from the far end of the ‘Mondays’ garden, but its fire beckons and teases me through the browning foliage.

No. 40

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3 thoughts on “Monday 40 | A Year of Mondays

  1. Have I mentioned how impressed I am at your commitment to this? Well, I’m VERY impressed!

    Ah, the rubrums… Gone from here so many weeks already, it seems. They’re always some of the first to turn for us. What a terrific view.

    I’m going to post one from the studio later. It fills the house with R-E-D! –s

  2. beautiful photo and how lucky you still have fall color…thanks for sharing with those of us who have lost ours long ago…the only color left for me is the red leaves on one of the spireas out back 🙂

    This is the last of it. It’s going to rain for the next two days so…it will be short lived (no pun intended!)–s

  3. Did someone say “oooo la la” ? The maples have been better than ever before !

    Will post a pic from my studio window tomorrow. It’s blazing!–s

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