Monday 49 | A Year of Mondays

The snow cover is making this difficult.  It’s knee deep on the way into and out of the garden.  The image was taken from the sidewalk 35 feet away since what immediately interested me was the forms the melting/windblown snow was making on the path.  Like earthwork sculpture but not.

No. 49

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2 thoughts on “Monday 49 | A Year of Mondays

  1. What I noticed, and in James Golden’s post of the other day the strength of unsnowed verticals in the snow. Here I notice too the shadows and how they might suggest planting styles – planting shadows!

    What an interesting idea, Robert. Thanks.–s

  2. Yes, “earthwork sculpture.” The bushes and paths have all been covered with a heavy carpet. The rolling shadows are all we get to see. Even that the idea of having “bones” for winter interest, has been muted. I heard that there are snowdrops beginning to bloom in England …

    Today’s rain gives ‘snowdrops’ a new and evil meaning.–s

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