Monday 5 | A Year of Mondays Project

Chiaroscuro.  The shadows are the story this week.  I realize that I’ve been looking down because up seems empty in winter.  Today, though, the sun and a clear and brilliant blue sky gave me my subject and I’m thankful for it.

Monday 5

The garden is blanketed under a foot of snow with more expected tonight.

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6 Responses to Monday 5 | A Year of Mondays Project

  1. patty craft says:

    lovely! we’re getting hammered again with snow here in cincinnati. fortunately it’s a holiday and I didn’t have to go drive in it. LOL

    peace & love, patty

    Yours is coming my way tonight. It should be petered out by then and just be a freshen up!

  2. I love winter shadows on snow and the purpley-blue hues they create.

    I do too but seldom take the time to really see them.

  3. You say that you were looking “down” because up seemed empty. I’ve found that more often than not people tend to keep their eyes “up” and miss all the small wonders at their feet. I’ve been enjoying your Monday observations.

    Thanks Kari. I think the small space is going to proove to be bigger than it looks…just like my eyes with a piece of cake!

  4. Ours was here and gone. But it was beautiful! I remember as a kid in northern Ohio, it was always so bright, you had to look down all winter long. This was before sunglasses became the norm in the snowbelt.

    I left you a comment on the southern snow. I didn’t realize until I was looking for something that at least 1 post for the past three weeks has been snow related…some winters we have almost none. Not so this year.

  5. Noticing where my eyes rest. On the shadows? On the edges of the shadows? Or, just perhaps, to the margins of white in between the shadows. Can’t help but reflect on the momentary margins of white and shadow in life. Cannot have one without the other. Light doesn’t know itself without dark…

    Thanks for another great tickler of mood, mind, memory.

  6. The shadows not really meaning anything to me, I was struck by how the scale of the terrain covered could have been any size!

    We could have been looking down from a mountain.

    How we rely on reference points!



    Interesting observation. One I don’t have since I know the space. The geometric shadow at the top of the image is from the arbor above it.

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