Monday 50 & 51 | A Year of Mondays

There has been so much snow here that there is no access to the garden beyond climbing through four foot piles of snow or jumping out of one of the windows on the house side.  Either seems just too hard, to cold or just plain stupid so this week I am looking back visually. Next week I will wrap everything up regardless of the weather.  Here’s an idiosyncratic portrait of the garden over the last year…week by week…backwards.

4 thoughts on “Monday 50 & 51 | A Year of Mondays

  1. Oh come on Susan! That is feeble.
    No seriously, I tease. WE are rotten at snow in this country and I would be the first to say that we ARE feeble.
    This has been such a great project to follow and I congratulate you (how patronzing is that?) on sticking at it.
    I came away from the mass of photos with a strong sense of patina, time and humility gained from looking closely at things and one or two very stong arc like shapes. I suppose almost Japanese philosophy, but that clichees (in the verb sense) my feeling somewhat.
    Its another cliche to say that it has beeen a journey, but it really has! And Thanks for it!

    I like the first snow and then…not at all. I appreciate all of the times you’ve visited during the past year and the comments today make me realize that spring will come on both sides of the pond…it always does.–s

  2. Really Fabulous – I am loving all the textures in your year of Mondays.

    As a body of images they are different than each one was separately. I need to digest them a bit to wind up the whole project. That will be the last Monday which is next.–s

  3. Congrats! These are difficult to stick with. Like resolutions that seem to get swept under the nearest pile. The progression does speak to life in general and all aspects in between!

    There were times when I didn’t want to, but the fact that I did is a huge source of the success of the year that even several feet of snow can’t dampen…oh wait it will later this spring! –s

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