Monday 52 | A Year of Mondays

There was a finality to typing the number 52.  I’ll admit to feeling a bit wistful.  When I embarked on this journey of discovery, it was to explore what I might  learn about inspiration and creativity by regular and frequent visits to the same small space.  I learned more about myself than either of those two things.

I learned with even greater conviction that I don’t like the constraints of regularity…there were Mondays I wanted to skip…but didn’t.  I learned that seeing out the project no matter where it lead was important despite the regularity of it.  I learned that even in a small space that’s less than 300 square feet, there’s always something special to be discovered or celebrated…I needed to be reminded of that.

Thank you for following along.

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5 Responses to Monday 52 | A Year of Mondays

  1. Congratulations on the fulfillment of your journey. It is no small feat in my eyes and I admire your persistence. Nice job, Susan.

    Thanks, Dan. I didn’t even know you were following along…it’s appreciated.–s

  2. Congratulations on finishing this journey. I’ve recently started a 52 week writing/photography project of my own and imagine I will have some of the same challenges you’ve encountered. I’ve chosen to “follow” three plants (1 tree, 1 shrub and 1 perennial) through the growing season and tell the story of a year in my garden through them.

    Expect to learn more and less than you expect…kind of like life…thanks for following along.–s

  3. Wow, Susan, a whole year already? Hearty congratulations!

    Already!?! There were times that it went quickly and times tooooo slowly. Thanks for following my year.–s

  4. Kudos to you, Susan. It was interesting to read about your weekly experience. When you look back after not doing it a few weeks, I wonder how you will see your garden. The “Farmer’s Almanac” has repeated info from year to year.

    My answer is that I already know. I want to rip it out and start over. LOL! –s

  5. commonweeder says:

    Closely following a single space or plant over the course of a year is really a wonderful idea, and certainly a great record – which is one goal of my blog.

    I’m actually happy it’s done and that I did it. Mondays was the wrong day to pick!–s

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