Monday 6 | A Year of Mondays Project

I am visually drawn to architectural decay.  To me, abandoned buildings and their remnants have a  ghostly beauty.  These old and rusting away bulkhead doors are in the middle of the garden.  I don’t try to hide them and I’ve purposely left them  just as I found them when I moved in 12 years ago.  I think they are beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Monday 6 | A Year of Mondays Project

  1. In previous YoM, I have provided what I believe to be “deep thoughts”, yah? Yah.

    Today’s post provokes the following: my dry skin after this long winter.

    *laughing with head thrown back* Keep ‘er up – loving the series.

    Thanks for coming each and every week. When I promised I didn’t know where this would lead…dry skin wasn’t even on the radar!

  2. Great photo! I have close up photos of rust patterns from the marine yard that I bought from a local photographer – I just love them and years later still find the colour, texture and decay fascinating.

    I wonder if this type of decay gives us glimpses into life and that’s what holds us?

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