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March is teasing me.  I had hoped there would be some sure signs of spring beyond yellow tipped daffodil shoots pushing through the earth in the garden.  Next week the Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’ will be the show and then the work will start.  For now, though, there are still shadows.

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  1. I raked out my sunniest flower bed, snowdrops are blooming and a few hellebores will be in bloom later this week. Spring is beginning albeit slowly!

  2. patty craft says:

    love this photo! the waiting IS the hardest part 😉

    I so wanted to pull some weeds today but I would have needed a pry bar!

  3. And in the heat, heat, heat of the summer season, we will long for long shadows… Funny how that goes.

    Enjoy your “Dawn”. She has already done her dance in this region (PacNW). Current show: an extended showing of hellebores (even the husb loves ’em) & almost the bud break of the crazy, tired-looking, has-been ornamental cherry out front.

    Hellebores are just pushing up through the still solid ground, as is my Thermopsis in another garden–that was a surprise.

  4. Lovely photo with the shadows and the metaphorical flowers. Like a Mackintosh/Arts and Crafts piece of art.
    First daffodil opened on Wednesday-always in same place and same clump. Lifes a microclimate!

    Best Wishes


    Thank you, Robert. I have 3 of those rusty trellises rescued from a client who no longer wanted them. The same client did want to keep the 3 foot high black plastic cat they had hidden in the Rhodies though. I think I got the better deal.

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