Monochrome Inspiration

I’m inspired by monochrome gardens? Yes, I am.  These gardens with their washed out almost colorless spaces are really appealing to me.  Maybe it’s my current mood, or the abundance of summer color outside, or a knee jerk reaction to the cacophony of brights and layered patterns I see everywhere, but I’m totally inspired by these quiet images of gardens and patios.

via The New Victorian Ruralist
image via Pinterest


via Veranda
via Unique by Design

2 thoughts on “Monochrome Inspiration

  1. I think they are lovely and restful to look at in photos (they are more art-like.) But having seen them in real-life, I don’t think I could execute it in my own garden. I do like color during the growing season. Our winter season is blissfully brief, but it’s long enough that by the time things start greening up and blooming, those colors are a sight for sore eyes. But thanks for a different perspective. It’s definitely something to consider!

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