More Garden Travel–Sort of.

In a few days I’ll be travelling for a couple of weeks.  This time, it’s not a garden/landscape related event, but one of my own invention.  My first stop will be Paris (as in France, not Texas).

I lived in France years ago and have returned since, so I plan to visit with friends, eat spectacular food that’s not on my diet, drink good wines, wander the streets and shop.  I’m also going to Maison et Objet and hope to report back on what’s exciting for outdoor there.

I expect to visit some green spaces that will be stark in their winter structure, see the Cartier retrospective at the Grand Palais, and some other events and places that will, for now be a surprise.

After that, I’m on to Fez and Marrakesh for adventure and exploration.

I’m going to try and visit three UNESCO World Heritage sites – the old city of Fez, Voubolis (a ruined Roman city, pictured below) and the Medina in Marrakesh.  There will be more shopping and of course a visit to Majorelle.  We will be traveling entirely by train in Morocco so that should be really fun.

Ruins at Volubilis, Morocco

If I have time to post while on the road, I will.  If not it will be when I return.

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3 Responses to More Garden Travel–Sort of.

  1. Bob Scherer says:

    There is a Paris, Maine also (never been).
    I’ve been to Paris, France (business & vac) but not with the knowledge & experience that you have. I know you will have fun & we all will be the beneficiaries of your selective visual edits (&wit).
    Have fun – we’ll be watching.

  2. Jamie Sarner says:

    That seems like a wonderful journey! I have been to Paris four years ago, I would love to give it a look again… But what makes me absolutely envious is Morocco, that is such a wonderful place to see! Have a great time there and enjoy as much as possible, looking forward to see an article o two!

  3. Stan Romano says:

    Love the vintage travel posters! My wife just picked up a few of them at a flea market last week and they look fantastic!

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