My Hashtag Sisterhood

None of us work in a void. Sometimes when wrapped up in client projects and deadlines, those of us who have boutique design firms can feel like a vacuum is sucking us in and all that surrounds us is ourselves, our clients, and our own work. For a landscape designer in a four season environment, January is especially devoid of just about everything so when I was invited by Modenus-The Design Directory to join a group of interior designers in Las Vegas to speak about luxury outdoor kitchens I said yes. What happened next was so unexpected. What follows will be a wee bit off topic.

Those of you who know me personally usually see the gregarious and social me. I am what is called a social introvert. I need and spend lots of time alone, but when in social situations I am connected and present–even though that’s not my natural state. The prospect of meeting 24 women who were absolute strangers was daunting. Enter the sisterhood.

SW Steakhouse Sisters

Rather than my usual ‘Hi I’m Susan’ with extended hand routine I started off as of an observer. I wasn’t sure if I would be the proverbial square peg in a round hole–I’m a landscape designer not an interior designer. I wasn’t. These women–all interior designers, design bloggers and project managers- not only welcomed me but were just as curious about why I was there and what I did as I was about them.  For three days we shared incredible opportunities and experiences from a private tour of the Wynn resorts with its general manager to a beautiful luncheon with incredible food and wine sponsored by Thermador at the uber midmod Las Vegas  Country Club to a fun and lively dinner hosted by Toto.  We went by bus to see the new seamless indoor/outdoor Responsive Homes designed by Bobby Berk for Pardee Homes, who, afterwards, huddled with us under a patio heater in the chilly Nevada night. We visited the upscale, sustainable 2016 New American Home, built to showcase  green technologies, techniques and products. In between all of that we attended KBIS2016 to see the best in Kitchen and Bath Products. I found plenty to like for outdoor living.

Throughout the three days these designing women questioned, shared, learned about their design discipline and about each other. There was no bitchiness or jealousy or drama. Everyone showed up ready to be and give their best. They were authentic and enthusiastic and supportive of each other in every way. They will forever be my hashtag sisterhood. #designhounds #blogtourKBIS #KBIS2016 #KBISoutdoorliving

7 thoughts on “My Hashtag Sisterhood

  1. Like the idea of hash tag sister! I enjoyed your Instagram pictures of the event. It is great that you enjoyed the designers of the interior. I am sure they enjoyed your company and wealth of creativity and design knowledge! I had never thought about going to a kitchen bath show but I can see how it does have a synergy especially as we merge indoor and outdoor living.

  2. It was an interesting experience Lauren. There is such a depth of product available to interior designers and architects that we on the outside are just beginning to see and recognize. I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of it.

  3. That was so nice. Many people would have missed the experience because it wasn’t “relevant”. Sometimes when you get out of your comfort zone wonderful things happen.

  4. Sounds like a fabulous time! I only wish I could have been there. Outdoors are the new indoors — we’re starting to find the design details and items, but I still have to hunt a lot for what I want!

  5. Hi Heidi! I think we have to suss out the products that are already on the market. There are a lot of them. It becomes a matter of time and energy as well as interest.

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