My lowly daylilies…

One of the first perennials I bought more than 40 years ago with allowance money was a daylily.  It was probably plowed under when new owners renovated my parents’ house.

I take cast off daylilies (I have no idea what they are) and plant them in my garden with the hope that the deer won’t eat them before they bloom.  This year is the first time it’s happened.  So I’m celebrating my lowly lilies.

Triple twins (these came with the house)
Love the stripe!



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5 thoughts on “My lowly daylilies…

  1. I’ve always liked daylillies, but when I lived in San Diego, they bloom there almost all year. Since then, I decided that like Crepe Myrtle in the SE, there are more optimum places for such plants. But both of those are among the most common flowering plants here. I wish more landscapes used the other Daylily colors, not just yellow.

  2. Love daylilies. They are easy plants to have in the garden, requiring little care once established. Very hardy.

    Your “triple twin” is ‘Kwanso,’ a species daylily. The ones we have also came with our house. 🙂

    The next two look like ‘Chicago Cherry’ (though many are similar so it may be something else) and the last one looks like ‘Catherine Woodbery’ (often misspelled as Woodbury). The yellow one could be so many, I won’t hazard a guess.

    ‘Catherine Woodbery’ is one of my favorites. So beautiful in its simplicity.

    Thankfully, though we have deer wander through the yard, they show no interest in our daylilies. Or even the hostas. They must be well fed elsewhere to leave our garden be. Thanks for sharing your lovely blooms!


    Thank you so much for the IDs!–s

  3. I love lilies and yours are divine! Excellent photographs. Love that pale butter yellow, and the palest pink one is a treasure as well.

    Thanks, we lily lovers have to stick together. The butter yellow is a favorite.–s

  4. Got some shockers out in flower at the mo.
    I like them for their touch of the vulgar!

    I like them because here, they bloom in a down time just after the June bounty and before the fall flush.–s

  5. I bought my first daylillies from Gilbert Wild’s when I was 14.. Now i have daylily posts permeated throughout. my blog.. Even after I could have afforded more expensive perennials, I still harken back to daylillies.

    Thanks for the comment. I was under the gun for a few days and didn’t comment back in a timely manner. I guess you spent your allowance too!–s

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