My Plant Picks in The New York Times

Of course I was absolutely thrilled to be in last Thursday’s Home section of the New York Times!  It was fun to think about what I would plant in a shady nook with deer.  It’s exactly what I have in my home garden.

Susan Cohan NYTimes

I was also delighted to be in the great company of Janet Draper and Riz Reyes.

2 thoughts on “My Plant Picks in The New York Times

  1. Ah, the realm and rep of “the Cohan” grows larger. Great article. Why we even get that little ole paper down here in the depth’s of the deep south. It’s sunny and 73 degrees out by the way. Come on down south child and we’ll warm dem bones.

  2. Hey Tom – After this winter I’ll come your way any time you ask as long as there’s still snow on the ground here! Why not come up to Yankee territory???

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