New Garden Plants

My Wee Spring Plant Nursery

Here I go getting all plant-y again…

In January I offered to share a snippet of  my favorite  Heuchera ‘Molly Bush’ which I’ve grown for almost 20 years back to Allen Bush who bred it to begin with.  He graciously sent me a care package in return.  I’m excited to see how these gifts fare in my home garden after its makeover this year.

I’m giving them all spots in pots before I set them out into the garden since I’ve just started a major renovation and the clean-up is yet to be finished in my holding areas.  I will also pay attention to them since they’re on a table right outside my back door.

New Garden Plants

 What was in both packages:

Stachys ‘Silky Fleece’ (back right) – From Jelitto where Allen works now. I know the deer won’t like that and I have just the spot for it– in the front border opposite a big and hopefully divided super easy to grow Stachys byzantium that a client gave me years ago and thrives in all kinds of neglect.

Arum ‘Tiny’ (back left) – I’m super excited about this one –a dwarf variety that originally came from Monksilver in the UK.  I’ve always wanted to grow Arums and just haven’t gotten around to it, so now I have no excuse.  Let’s hope I don’t kill it.

Chrysogonum ‘Norman Singer’- (front right)  The one you can’t see behind the tag…this is a totally new plant for me.  I’ve never grown it.  It’s a native shade lover and I have dry shade so we’ll see if it can duke it out!  I’m thrilled to have it.

Erigeron pulchellus var. pulchelus ‘Lynnhaven Carpet’–(front left) Another eastern/mid-Atlantic native.  I have a soft spot for Erigerons so I have to find a special partially shady place for it. (Why do I always think of swans and teddy bears when I type the workd Erigerons?)

Heuchera ‘Molly Bush’ -In the center of it all from the original plant I bought from Allen all those years ago.  It’s been in both of my gardens since then.  And no, the few available in the trade aren’t the same…they’re just not.

This isn’t an eye candy type of post…I have to wait for these babies to grow up a bit for their glamour shots!

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