Newbies: Student Projects, Part 2

Below are first landscape designs from the three remaining students in my Principles of Landcape Design class at Bergen Community College in New Jersey.

Principles is their first real design class. One student believes he can’t draw–not true, another was so ‘tight’ that he struggled to get beyond a beautifully drafted base map to create a loose and lovely concept plan. The third student has a great taste level and brings in books and magazines setting up her table like a mini design studio each week.

Decide for yourself who is who, I hope you enjoy their drawings as much as I have enjoyed teaching them. I am thrilled that they have been able to achieve so much in such a short time.

Won Ja Choi–Concept Plan with brick patio & pergola

Conceptual Plan w/formal and secret gardens by Luke Eisenstein

Jason Cina’s diagonal plan w/checkerboard patio

3 thoughts on “Newbies: Student Projects, Part 2

  1. It is amazing that this is the frist design class theses students have taken. Jason, Luke and Won these are very thoughtful, articulate and unique solutions to this residential project. My earlier work looks awful compared to your use of space and clean lines. Excellent work and I am looking forward to more pstings.

    Great job Susan.

  2. Thanks Jody. These students have worked really hard and they trust what I say–that’s what’s important for them to learn and grow as designers. I provide the guideposts–it is up to them to choose which path to take.

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