NYDC Outdoor Roundup

On the final day of Blogfest2011 we visited the New York Design Center (NYDC).  It is the oldest of the four major New York design showroom buildings.  Here’s a small round-up (I need to go back) of things I liked for gardens, outdoor rooms, terraces and patios.  All would look better outside than in their respective showrooms…I’ll leave how to use them up to your imagination!

Green chair 239x300 NYDC Outdoor Roundup

Whimsical metal chair from Profiles

Rustic version of classic tree planter from Century Furniture 240x300 NYDC Outdoor Roundup

Rustic planter from Century Furniture

Lanterns 240x300 NYDC Outdoor Roundup

Lanterns from Global Views

Chair back 300x239 NYDC Outdoor Roundup

Lounge Chair from Century Furniture

Albert Paley Candelabra at 1st Dibs 198x300 NYDC Outdoor Roundup

Albert Paley Candelabra at 1st Dibs

Enameled Steel Letters 240x300 NYDC Outdoor Roundup

Steel Letters at 1st Dibs

Alligator 239x300 NYDC Outdoor Roundup

Crocodile at 1st Dibs

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One Response to NYDC Outdoor Roundup

  1. Garden Forum says:

    I like the whimsical metal chair! The design is so cool! I think grandma has it.

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