Oh! Kay…

Don’t get used to it–that is two plant postings in a row– but May brings bloom, and I fall in and out of plant lust every minute.   I have often said that plants are the last thing on a designer’s list when fleshing out a landscape plan, but without the knowledge of them…well that’s a whole other discussion.

My favorite magnolia  is M. grandiflora ‘Kay Parris’.  It  has large creamy almost prehistoric looking blooms that are wonderfully fragrant.  The tree itself is upright instead of broad and its  foliage is shiny green on top with fuzzy cinnamon undersides.  Hardy to zone 6 it’s appropriate for smaller gardens.  I have used it in client’s gardens for years and it never fails to delight.

Kay Parris

3 thoughts on “Oh! Kay…

  1. New to me this form.
    Could one grow it free standing then and have a whole avenue of them therefore in say a sheltered formal garden. If so, what fun!
    Best wishes

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