Patrick Dougherty at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I ducked out of  Plant-o-Rama yesterday after hearing Tony Advent’s presentation on worthy garden plants.  I couldn’t stay inside in the dark auditorium watching slides and listening.  I schmoozed with the exhibitors for a while, had a bite to eat and then OUTSIDE!  There was a Dougherty stick construction to see and it was warm enough–35F degrees.

Constructed last summer, Dougherty’s work takes on a different and, in my mind, more soulful quality in the snow.  The subtlety of color and the contrast of texture were very beautiful.

Sticks and snow
Lyrical forms
A dancing trio

2 thoughts on “Patrick Dougherty at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

  1. Simply stunning. Thank you for the post.

    I’ve been a long time fan of Dougherty’s work. He’s got a great book out called Stickwork.–s

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