Pilgrim’s Progress

As I’ve noted before, my garden is neglected.  This shouldn’t be surprising because in the spring, as a landscape designer, I’m busy running around creating gardens for others.  The gardens do get the occasional power weeding, but I don’t have much time or energy for my own gardens early in the growing season.  When summer kicks in around the 4th of July and things slow down, I begin my gardening season.  I know this is not optimal, but it’s all I’ve got.

Before Pruning
Before Pruning

I start with the biggest tasks interspersed with manic spurts of weeding.  This year, my new neighbors have let their garden go.  Their  Halls honeysuckle, multiflora roses, wild raspberries and poison ivy are over on my side of the fence.  The honeysuckle was climbing up my small tree so this morning chop, chop, off I went with Felcos, lopers, pruning saw, telescope pruners and a ladder.

After hacking back the jungle
After hacking back the jungle

My goal, since I still have to support myself is to garden for an hour every morning in the shade.  I start with the overhead plane since I’m not fond of working on a ladder and I want to get that out of the way.  I’ll work my way down to the ground plane.  With this course of action and limiting the time to small intervals it doesn’t get overwhelming and is still enjoyable for me despite the heat and humidity.

4 thoughts on “Pilgrim’s Progress

  1. I’ve got you all beat when it comes to gardening. Like the cobbler’s children who go unshorn, I am a landscape architect with no garden at all. I’m content for “my” gardens to live at the homes of my clients. But my upcoming indulgence will be creating my first bonsai in since about 1980. That’s about the only scale I can handle.

    Thanks for the post, Susan. If the Felcos and loppers don’t do the trick there’s always the controlled napalm drop (on your neighbor’s side of the fence).

  2. Good thing when I finally get started pruning and weeding is relaxing in a very odd sort of way.

  3. I know firsthand what a landscaper’s landscape looks like… I thought I would use my big bucks to do some things that I needed done around my house… but this economy has made me much more hands on than I had expected and I don’t mean hands on money…. I mean hands on to cut costs of labor. I have now taken the attitude … do what you can… and what you can’t get to… usually you are the only one that notices… and after all our lists are never done. Sad, but I take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone 🙂

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