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While standing in the gardens at Sakura Ridge last week, Vanessa Nagel, asked me if I could Twitter one thing about my Portland experience, what would it be?  Not needing any thought, I replied, “The diversity of  ideas.”  I think she was pleased with that assessment.

There were so many ideas, in fact, that it will take me time to absorb them and even longer to write about them.  Although I am not a shutterbug, during design conferences I take hundreds of pictures for future reference.  Some will influence my work and some won’t, but it’s too soon to see how what I brought back from the 2009 APLD International Design Conference will work their way through my creative funnel.

The easiest way for me to begin to think about all of the garden elements, landscape design, and general creative gusto I found and recorded in and around Portland is to put them into broad based themes that I can reference later.  One of the conference speakers, Cairene MacDonald, from Third Hand Works, spoke eloquently about creating systems that work specifically for the individual.  So in that spirit, I’ve decided to continue my organization of groundplane and paving details as Portland  Underfoot ( a title of a previous blog post) and of pots and contained plantings as Portland Contained.

Here are some highlights of Portland Contained…

Photo credits/links:  Top row 1-3: 1- Dig Garden Shop; 2-3 Schultz-Goodman residence, Michael Schultz.  Middle Row 4-6: 4- Shultz-Goodman residence, Michael Schultz; 5-10th @ Hoyt, KLA Landscape Architecture; 6-Susan LaTourette, Creativescaping.  Bottom row 7-9: 7-Cistus Nursery; 8-Schultz-Goodman residence, Michael Schultz; 9-Center for Architecture, designer unknown.

6 thoughts on “Portland | Contained

  1. Love the photos! Especially the Equisetum in the small bed hugging the pond…A perfect an beautiful way to keep that thug of a plant (although gorgeous) contained!

  2. Rebecca–That’s exactly what I thought when I saw it. It was an ‘ah ha’ moment. Elegant in its simplicity.

  3. Miss R,
    Again, I’m so sorry to have missed meeting you in Portland. But it’s fascinating to have the opportunity to look at your photos – pics from the eye of a designer! To be filled with images and inspiration: the mark of a successful journey!
    p.s. did you travel to the gorge on the days following the conference? I can’t recall what was happening after, but I do believe you tweeted about another part of the journey. I enjoyed a day trip to the Gorge – my first time! Alice
    aka BayAreaTendrils

  4. There was enough inspiration in Portland for several posts! Yes, I got to go to the Gorge, Mt. Hood and a brilliant bed & breakfast Sakura Ridge. Sorry to have missed you too. May have the opportunity to come SF way next winter…

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