Portland | First Impressions

Portland outside of Powell's BooksI visited the Pearl District twice this week.  Once by accident and once intentionally.  I need some time to digest everything I’m seeing and experiencing.  Later I will write a series of posts on gardens and inspiration, but for now this image seems to sum up the unusual urbanism I’ve experienced so far. Although it’s not a typical picture of Portland, this image says it all for me.   I would describe Portland as determined, tolerant, activist, whimsical, young, handmade and self propelled.

4 thoughts on “Portland | First Impressions

  1. The APLD Conference in Portland has been an inspiring journey! Even the walking tours have inspired me to not be too conventional in my approaches to design and that sometimes things that don’t make a lot of sense or establish an understanding of the intent, doesn’t mean it cant be enjoyed by others for the whimsy it holds.

  2. This has been another eye opener to the wide range of possibilities that landscape design holds for creative expression. Take a look at the #portlandapld Twitterstream for up to the minute photos and notes about where we are and what we’re doing.

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