Postcard from San Francisco

We (me and 200 other APLD designers) spent the day visiting several gardens in San Francisco. There were some things I really liked, but damn my critical self, I have visited so many gardens that I need to be wowed and these gardens mostly didn’t wow me.

So here’s what I liked…

Color and texture at Flora Grubb (I first visited a couple of years ago)…

Flora Grubb Gardens 2012

Corten, agaves, black nursery pots at Flora Grubb

the use of plant names and graphics in a medicinal garden by Topher Delaney

Topher Delaney

Steel and graphic plant names at the UCSF Edible Medicinal Garden

repetition on a roof deck by Walter Hood

Walter Hood roof deck design

Repetition of elements and use of scale via Walter Hood

bold use of red in a garden by Alma Hecht, APLD,

Red garden wall

Bold use of red on a garden wall

and a mini woodland in a very, very small garden by Katey Mulligan, APLD.

Katey Mulligan APLD

A small corner turned into a woodland



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4 Responses to Postcard from San Francisco

  1. I guess it would be poor form to show us the things you didn’t like?

  2. Susan aka Miss. R says:

    I was trying to be diplomatic-rare for me.

  3. Michelle D. says:

    really, that last one ?
    I guess I’m not that easily amused.

    … and while I’m at it… if your going to use those horrid wooly under wear looking garment bags for planting, plant the living shit out of them so we don’t have to see your soil britches.

    there, you have it. .

    enjyoy SF

  4. Susan aka Miss. R says:

    That’s exactly why I didn’t mention them at all. Yuck.

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