Postcard from Silicon Valley

I finally got to see two gardens that made my heart sing.  Both were what interior designers call ‘transitional’ design sitting comfortably between traditional and contemporary.  We landscape designers don’t label our work in that way.  What I will say that is probably more in our lingo is that both used hardscape and plants in a way that made them very much of their time and place.  The designer’s hand was evident but not overwrought.  Both were full of smart and useful ideas. Both had the budgets to carry out a clear view without much end evidence of compromise, but this is a postcard so I’ll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves.  Time is limited so I can only cover one!

The garden is one designed by  Bernard Trainor  in Los Altos. (He’s one of my design idols by the way…)

Bernard Trainor garden

Entrance under a canopy of trees

Bernard Trainor meadow planting

A newly planted meadow on a wedge shaped lot

Bernard Trainor pool

Pool planting

bernard trainor wall

Wall and water feature


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  1. Jill says:

    I love the idea of pool planting. I looks really cool. Nice post!

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